Poem for a Tuesday

“Prayer in My Boot” by Naomi Shihab Nye For the wind no one expected For the boy who does not know the answer For the graceful handle I found in a fieldattached to nothingpray it is universally applicable For our tracks which disappearthe moment we leave them For the face peering through the cafe windowas … Continue reading Poem for a Tuesday

“Servant Leaders”

Sabbath Day Thoughts – Mark 10:35-45 When the economy cratered in 2008, the St. Louis-based manufacturing and consulting company Barry-Wehmiller took a big financial hit.  For CEO Bob Chapman it was clear that employee cuts were inevitable, but instead of sending out pink slips, Chapman made a surprising announcement.  He implemented alternating furloughs of four-weeks … Continue reading “Servant Leaders”


Poem for a Tuesday — “Risk” by Lisa Colt “My teacher says, You’ve got to stink first. I tell her, I don’t have time to stink– at 64 years old I go directly to perfection or I go nowhere. Perfection is nowhere, she says, So stink. Stink like a beginner, stink like decaying flesh, old … Continue reading “Risk”


Sabbath Day Thoughts: “Possessed” Mark 10:17-31 Americans don’t like to talk about money.  In May, Business Insider Magazine conducted a poll of 2,130 people to determine the topics they were most likely to discuss with friends.  Last on the list was money, outranked by current events, family, health, sex, relationships, and politics. Rachel Sherman, a … Continue reading Possessed

When Dreams Die

Sabbath Day Thoughts — Mark 10:2-16 “When Dreams Die” The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on our health—and hard on our marriages.  As employers furloughed workers or businesses went virtual, couples found themselves spending more time together and lots of it.  That round-the-clock intimacy has been complicated by other factors. Lay offs and job loss … Continue reading When Dreams Die

A New Earth

Sabbath Day Thoughts: “A New Earth” Isaiah 65:17-25 When it comes to climate change, the Adirondacks may not be at the top of our list of regions most impacted by our warming earth. We are more likely to think of island nations like the Maldives, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that rises only 2.4 … Continue reading A New Earth

Poem for a Tuesday

“The low road” by Marge Piercy “What can they doto you? Whatever they want.They can set you up, they canbust you, they can breakyour fingers, they canburn your brain with electricity,blur you with drugs till youcan’t walk, can’t remember, they cantake your child, wall upyour lover. They can do anythingyou can’t stop themfrom doing. How … Continue reading Poem for a Tuesday

The Hard Road

Sabbath Day Thoughts–Mark 9:30-37 Who is the greatest? If we are talking about nations, we might argue that the greatest country has the strongest economy – a chicken in every pot, a job for every worker, abundance beyond imagining.  Or, it could be the land with the most powerful military: expertly trained troops, cutting edge … Continue reading The Hard Road

Knowing God

Poem for a Wednesday – “Knowing God” by Mark Nepo Oh lone crazed birdsinging in the night– you sing with your whole bodywhile the rest of us sleep. I go to close the windowwhen my wife touches my armand we listen. You call outlike a saint robbed of words. Are you blind and trappedin a … Continue reading Knowing God

A Bigger Mission

Sabbath Day Thoughts — Mark 7:24-37 Every day we encounter them, folks who are outsiders to the Christian community. Melissa has never been a church member.  Although her parents were both raised in mainline congregations, they never got involved with the church as adults.  They never had Melissa or her brothers baptized or confirmed.  Melissa … Continue reading A Bigger Mission


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