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Blest Be the Tie

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Blest Be the Tie is Joann’s 2021 debut book.

In a world fractured by dividing lines of politics, economics, gender, and race, we are hungry for connection and community, for places where we are loved and accepted in all our frailty. Tubby has a broken heart. Lenore needs something to sing about. Eugenia is afraid of change. Bruce still fights the war in Iraq. Through it all, Pastor Bob, with the help of the Holy Spirit, tends the flock entrusted to his care. These twenty-four interwoven fables of faith, set in the Adirondacks, use abundant love, gentle humor, and the timeless truth of scripture to portray what it means to be a church family. Blest be the tie that binds.

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Blest Be the Tie: Fables of Faith from the Far North

Blest Be the Tie is Joann White’s 2021 book from Wipf and Stock Publishers (147 pages, paperback). The book is $15. This includes shipping and handling. Paypal allows you to pay directly with a credit card or checking account. Be sure to include your name, mailing address, and the number of copies that you wish to order. May God bless your reading!


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Read for yourself.

Joann is a skilled storyteller and these are stories that heal. Her deftly drawn characters draw us deeper into the mystery of how God is at work within us – and in our community.

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Read with others.

Use these stories as a point of departure as you reflect with your book group or church small group. How is God at work in your community? How is God revealed through our neighbors? How does God call us to grow into the people we were created to be?


Find inspiration for your preaching.

Joann is a prize-winning preacher and writer. Her storytelling sheds fresh light upon the Word, helping us to connect our story to the holy story. Reading Blest Be the Tie just may prompt you to try new ways to tell the old, old story.

“White’s beautifully written Blest be the Tie are stories told with gentle humor and a tender touch. The author reveals a deep love for Scripture and a great confidence in its capacity to surprise us and to transform even the most demanding of our circumstances. These stories draw the reader in and leave us changed.”

-IAN ADAMS, chaplain, Ridley Hall, Cambridge; author of Cave, Refectory Road, Running Over Rocks: Spiritual Practices to Transform Tough Times, and more