The Little Church in the Big Woods

The November/December issue of Presbyterians Today magazine features an article that I wrote about the church’s ministry in the great outdoors. Here’s a link . . .

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4 thoughts on “The Little Church in the Big Woods

  1. Ah, yes… Dr. Kinghorn and his blessed wife…. played golf daily weather permitting out at the course in Raybrook where I caddied (c.1945ff). The Kinghorns never took a caddy, choosing rather to carry their bags themselves, presumably for the added exercise.

    One day the good doctor, aged and slight of frame, was very excited when they finished. He told those in the pro-shop how he had hit his drive on the 9th hole a bit longer than usual and it had landed on the notorious big rock in the middle of the fairway. It then bounce directly forward for some 50 extra yards. He was exultant…!!!

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